Family Owned and Operated since 1953.

Cavallini Co., Inc. has been an industry leader in providing beautiful, meaningful, and timeless stained glass pieces as well as supplying a wide variety of stained glass products to hobbyist and other studios. As a multi-generational business, rest assured that your stained glass needs will be fully met whenever dealing with the Cavallini Co., Inc.

We offer full stained glass design and restoration services for Religious, Commercial, Civic, and Residential clients. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your next project.

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Our high capacity warehouse stocked full of all the materials required for a fully operational stained glass studio is sure to have all the materials to suit you for any stained glass project. Visit our online store to see what we can provide for your next masterpiece.

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We Have Glass Art That Gives Your Windows Character

Welcome to the Cavallini Co., Inc, where we provide custom-stained glass windows designed with art glass that transforms the way your area looks. We offer a variety of windows, panels, doors, inserts, and other architectural accessories with a complete design makeover.

We design each panel individually with stained art glass handcrafted by our experts. Whether you require beveled and leaded glass windows, custom wood doors, or fused art glass, we have the expertise to fulfill your demand.

We Give You a Fusion of Design and Functionality

At Cavallini Co., Inc, stained glass design combines lining, colors, and texture that allows adequate lighting without compromising the functionality.

All the panels are made to order with various expressions and functions. Whether you want to obscure an unsightly view or retain natural light while maintaining privacy, we have the right design.

We transform your entryway with glass art that elevates your mood and elegantly dresses the face your home.

Hand Crafted Window Design

Each design of our stained windows is handmade that draws upon the skills that bring the look of centuries past and add elegance to the area. Our designs include Victorian, Frank Lloyd, Arts & Crafts, and various other styles combined with abstract themes.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Vast pallet of over 800 glass types with unique textures and colors
  • Easy to install stained glass windows
  • Each piece is designed with careful attention to details
  • Using lead caming fabrication method
  • Handcrafted in our studio
  • High-quality craftsmanship in every design

Feel free to contact us on our number or visit our website for more information or set your meeting with our experts.