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What Is Stained Glass?

We all want to live, work, and worship in beautiful places Glass adds a touch of delicacy to the solidity of the walls, giving the structure an aesthetic appeal. New stained glass, which is colored glass, adds beauty as well as delicacy. It is basically glass artwork that is used for windows, doors, and lamps.

It is a collage of differently colored small pieces of glass assembled with usually lead strips. It requires special craftsmanship, tools, and the right sense of color coordination to look like a piece of art.

Antique stained glass is a broad term for several different art mediums including mosaics, leaded glass, and faceted glass, copper foiled, and fused glass.

  • Mosaics are tiny stained glass tiles placed in such a way to create a pattern, symbol, or figure.
  • Leaded glass is a medium of stained glass where the window is assembled using 1/8” thick stained glass sheets cut to size where the pieces are interlocked within lead and soldered at every joint.
  • Faceted glass is a medium of stained glass that is created by cutting down 1” thick glass slabs and bringing them all together using epoxy.
  • Fused glass is a medium of stained glass that is created by joining compatible sheets of fusible glass to the desired pattern or shape within a kiln.
  • Copper foil is the most popular stain glass medium among hobbyist. Copper foil styled windows are created by applying an adhesive backed copper around each piece and soldering the pieces together.

Where Do You Put Stained Glass?

Rooted in Medieval culture, stained glass is traditionally used in churches and other religious places. However, the modern concept is much broader to include even houses and workplaces. It is increasingly being used in public as well as commercial places, including railway stations and banks. It can also commonly be seen in the kitchens and washrooms of recently constructed houses. Some of the primary purposes of stained glass today in residential applications are both to provide privacy and elevate the level of beauty.

It can be used anywhere and is the perfect choice for constructions where art and architecture are both valued. You can buy stained glass pieces and customize them according to your window settings.

Why was stained glass invented?

Stained glass was found in the form of glass beads as early as Egyptian times. However, it was popularized largely as both a decorative element to glaze the windows of churches and monasteries but also as a teaching mechanism for people who could not read. Stained glass with hand painted figures and symbols were used to tell a story. It was used to decorate windows and doors as well as control the light entering through them. However, over the course of time, more of its applications and uses have been discovered, such as space separation and privacy.

Where Can I Get Stained Glass
How is Stained Glass Made

What kind of glass is used for stained glass?

The robustness and stability, along with the beauty, of stain glass are very important so that it can prevent wind and rain from coming in. For that purpose, silica is an ideal material for its production. However, since silica has a high melting point, other materials such as potash and soda are added to melt it easily. Lime is also sometimes used to ensure stability.

After the glass has been molten, metallic salts are used to add colors. For example, cobalt is used to create a deep blue shade, while copper is used to create a vivid red hue.

How Can You Order Your Own Custom Designed Stained Glass Window?


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